Monday, June 13, 2011

whats bitter and green at the same time?

Matcha Green Tea. oh no wait. its me!

i guess i have been drinking too much matcha green tea. i'm slowly getting bitter and bitter over the course of my life. the tea leaves must have endowed me their bitterness. why? i don't know either, maybe because the people who i tap for support just let me down, yet again. i just wanna give up, there's too much drama going on.

earlier today,  i just went to inquire about my application for NCLEX and the processing officer told me that i would need about a thousand dollars to get my application going. i already have about 600 and i told my "other" relatives that i still need about 600 more just to be safe. they all just nodded and said "ang mahal naman niyan." oh well, i wanted them to say "kailan mo ba kailangan." i guess they never do get my hints don't they. i don't want to ask them bluntly anymore, they just talk behind my back anyways. blood is not thicker than money, that's the way my father's side of the family is. *insert long deep sigh of epic disappointment*


im also green right now. not green as in horny or something, but green as in jealous. the people around me and the people that i like are all taken right now. everytime i go out with him, he has stories about how he is flirting with other people. and yeah, ill prolly write about him next time. things just won't work out for us, so we decided to just hang out regularly. but there are just those times that i wanna tell him "hey you, why do you have to keep on looking? im right here you know?!" but i could never have the guts to tell him that. ill just go ahead and keep on wishing that i'm jealous and i'm hurt. how typical of me.

i guess this cup of matcha green tea im sipping right now, is laughing at me. boo, nikki, don't be such a loser!

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