Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dry spell

i like my summer this year. i had gone out to the beach, swam and snorkeled, rode a banana boat, ate tons of good food. quite a drastic change for a geek like me. i never even thought that i would have so much fun this summer. but yeah, all good things must come to an end.

i met someone through a friend, we hanged out and dated the whole of summer. i like him and he likes me, but there's just something that we couldn't get out of the way. there's just this feeling of stagnation, but yeah, no one ever dared to take it up a step higher. so now, were just hanging out, like friends. there are just those awkward moments when our common friend throws jokes at us. i don't think it will progress though, i'm too cautious, he's too post-modern.

so i guess, there just no chance for me breaking this dry spell. i think i'll not fret about it anymore, the world of genetic engineering is waiting for me. i'm about to become the first ever Filipino genetic engineer. :)

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