Saturday, June 4, 2011


i love to sleep. its as if everything doesn't matter anymore when im in deep slumber. its the only time i feel "in place."

the dreams that im having are weird, like a disfigured image of Van Gogh's Starry Night. sometimes the voices of the people are like chipmunks and they talk in reverse. the colors are all mismatched like an Andy Warhol with color deficiencies. yes, i know im weird.  imagine a Bjork music video with Andy Warhol's works shot in reverse. everything looks so vivid and distorted, kinda like me?

but i still love sleeping, those weird dreams are not a hindrance, in fact i'm liking them. its the only time where i can feel where i belong and everything bends according to my will. does that make me crazy? probably. but its also the time im at my most vulnerable also, so basically if you want to kill me, do it while im asleep.

i guess those things are my subconscious desires of genetic research, of money, of luxury. i don't know. i'm still allowed to dream aren't i? after all, i'm always a sleepyhead.

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