Wednesday, July 5, 2006


On the day you go on a journey,
you waved your hand & said "later" like you always do It seems like we'll meet in this town even tomorrow
Believing in love isn't giving up to yourself
Until the day the dream is granted,
I'll be here smiling, looking at the stars, & offering a prayer
I want to be in the sky for you
& embrace even your sadness
Whenever I'm looking up, I'm not alone
It seems like I can think from far away
It's like it's a place where I return to
In the town where you're not in,
I'm still passing the days cheerfully
That's what I can do for you now
That's what I think
It doesn't matter if there's a hidden meaning
in everything that happens
Even if your dream begins to disappear,
I want you to be like yourself I'll always be here