Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You: Pathogenic Molecule of Premature Ventricular Contractions

You are that singular stray molecule of acetylcholine that makes the saltatory movement across my nodes of Ranvier, leaping and jumping from axons to dendrites. And finally, upon reaching the calcium channels in my myocardial tissues, you make my heart twitch and quiver and skip a beat.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Homegirl's Back

So, homegirl and I decided to go out drinking after New Year. We talked about lots of stuff; like who's pregnant from our class, who's getting married and who has jobs. LOL. [Well, we all know what my current employment status is: it's complicated.] So there, I decided to ask her if she already has a boyfriend or something. She said she's still waiting for Mr. Right. She’s had a bit of a trouble with boys/men, so she doesn’t want to go there for now. But I felt like she needs someone, you know? Someone that looks after her and stuff like that. So I guffawed and felt like my eyes rolled 360 degrees, from left to right.

"Honey, if Mr. Right hasn't found you yet, maybe it's time that you find him. It's taking you too long and you look like you need Mr. Right. Well, not Mr. Right Now, but at least someone to be intimate with at least," I told her.

"Oh hell no, I got you and my family. I think that's enough 'action' for me. Emotional investments aren't my thing," she replied.

"Oh stop being an old maid, you pretty little thing you. C’mon, let's go and have a look-see while the night is young."

“Eeeh, we’re not prepared. I look normal. I don’t have my hooker clothes in the car.”

“You wench.”

I managed to nudge her to go out and go have some fun. We arrived at a bar looking all normal and stuff. We already saw a couple of cuties on our way in. Sat in the corner and talked in hush tones trying to look nonchalant, when this dashing young lad approached us. He asked for my homegirl’s name and then he said his. She asked for his age and when he told us, I felt like our faces turn white. He’s freaking 18 and he was looking for a “girl” tonight. Homegirl’s eyes and mine met for a sec and we immediately connected, like telepathy. He’s looking for sex. Oh dear God. So yes, he was pied off right away. I went to get more drinks and homegirl did what she has to do.

“These kids, what the heck are they doing here? We didn’t whore ourselves out when we we’re 18,” I whispered in her ear.

“Yeah, well, times change.”

“I suppose so.”

We continued sipping our drinks. We didn’t want to chug it down because we had to make our drinks last. To our dismay, we didn’t get a single drink from any of the cuties near the door. Homegirl has a talent to get sponsors when we wanted to grab free drinks in a bar. I could never pull it off in a hetero bar though.

“Looks like we’re getting rusty,” she said.

“Nah, we’re just not prepared. Besides, I think this is not our venue anymore. ‘This’ scene was so 3 years ago.”


We were about to finish and grab coffee instead when another guy approached us and tried to wince his way in our conversation. I glanced at homegirl and I saw that she was interested. I excused myself and gestured homegirl to just text me whatever happens. I went to a café and just as soon as I got on a chair my phone vibrated.

“I got one. Hehehe,” from homegirl’s number.

“Good, now, you gonna play or is he a keeper? *wink*” I replied

“I don’t know yet. I’m in no mood for playing. He’s smart though. I got his number.”

“Good for you! Hope he stays. He is kinda cute. LOL!”

“Yeah you think so? I think I should keep him interested. Mehehe. *grin*”

“You go Glenn Coco. Imma go home. I hope you had fun.”

“Yeah I did! Thank you. Let’s just hope cutiepie stays.”

I went home and went to bed. I felt happy to see my homegirl back. The cheerful, flirty and silly girl I’ve always been close friends with. I was waiting for her text before I sleep, but of course being a narcoleptic that I am, I dozed off. I woke up and got a text from her after lunch.

“Oh my god, he’s amazing. *wink*,” from homegirl’s number.

“You dirty little hoe. HAHAHAHA! So I’m guessing that you did it?”

“Well, yep, but that’s not the point. I like him… A lot.”

“Woah, do you think… he might be the one?”

“Maybe, but you know, ultimately, I’m the one who’s gonna make it happen anyways. If he’s not Mr. Right yet, then I’ll wait until he decides to become My Mr. Right. Lol.”

“Wow, feisty. That’s why we’re friends. Hahaha! Anyways, how was he? *grins*”

“Didn’t I tell you that he was ‘AMAZING’? C’mon man, a girl never kisses and tells. *grin*”

“Ah TouchĂ©! Hahaha.”

“Plus, I already told him about us. How we’re like a couple but not really. So… he wants you to meet his best buddy. I think you’ll like him. Hehehe. *wink*”


Then I got a picture message via Viber. I was skeptical at first, but then when the image loaded, my jaws dropped. He was like Andrew Wolfe and Papa Chen mixed together. I would post his picture but then, I'm afraid he might kill me if he knew.

"WTF? Is this really cutiepie's friend? Why is life so unfair?" I texted immediately.

"Yep. After you left, he dropped by. Cutiepie was asking me a lot of stuff about you. So there, I spilled a bit. Haha. Then he asked me if you wanted someone too. I said yes, because I knew you would say that too. *wink*"


“Cause I love you. Hehehe. Get dressed, we’re meeting him at 2. We’ll pick you up around quarter to 1. Dress to impress, honey, dress to impress.”