Friday, May 25, 2012

Concrete Wall

What is this all about? 
Settle down, please don't yell or shout 
The landlord, he lives downstairs 
We'll get evicted 
Please don't be too loud 
You say I'm passive-aggressive 
How can I not be? 
When you're always talking at me 
You say I'm unresponsive 
And here you are 
Talking over me 

 You make me wanna throw this shoe 
 Right through that concrete wall 
Maybe you should pack your things 
If it's that dreadful 
Then just leave it all 

 Don't wanna keep on sharing my bed 
With someone that I have to love less and less 
Every time I try to make you smile 
You say that I'm being a child 
Well, I tried my best 

You say that I need therapy 
Well, my darling, so do you 
Don't need for you to tell me 
What is wrong in all I say or do 
Please don't try to throw this shoe
 Right through that concrete wall 
Maybe you should pack your things
 If it's that dreadful 
Then just leave it all

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Charlie's Web

I’ve always liked watching movies alone. I only go to movie houses to watch the people’s reaction to the movie after it is done. I can never really gauge how good the director and the writer is until everyone is in tears or roaring with laughter.

It’s always the director’s skill to engage the audience into the writer’s brilliance. And sometimes, not everyone gets the same message the movie wants to convey until everyone’s little bits and pieces of the story will condense and crystallize into one sentient idea.

With that, I exclaimed “Aha!!!”

And that is where I finally understood how extraordinary he was.

“Very well played, good sir,” I muttered.

Oh, look at all the tangled webs that people weave, like fragile laces with superglue.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


No, I haven't gone AWOL. I just had too much stuff to do during these past few weeks. Work has been tremendously toxic, micro managing each agent to perform and qualify for the stats that we had established for the whole duration of this special project. I didn't even have time to post a decent blog post on both my tumblr and blogspot. Luckily this week, we decided to take a break. Thank god!

I remember getting off from work with this crazy downpour going on. It's refreshing actually. Being seated all day at work and typing nonstop for the bosses, a little shower wouldn't hurt. SO YEAH, I ran through the rain and I am not regretting it at all. Haha!

I rode a taxi all wet and went to see my friends at Kozui. We finally had time to catch up and chill out. The workload at work definitely stresses me out and these little reprieves are enough to invigorate me and keep me going on. After all, when this business venture ends, I might earn a substantial amount of money. I just wish our approval rate would be like the rain too; unrelenting and pouring in buckets.

I'm a child born out of the credit card business, literally and figuratively. Maybe it's time to broaden my horizons and not be limited by my profession?

In any case, wish me LOTS of luck. Tee hee.