Saturday, June 11, 2011


last night i went out with friends and 2nd degree friends, meaning friends of friends. were drinking cups and cups of coffee and they were smoking a lot. of course, every “tambay” night has to have our discourses, gossips, jokes and laughs. we were talking about the breaking dawn trailer, anime and relationships. i was just laughing my heart out, but really i was picking up what they were talking about. i seriously still have a lot to learn about dating shit. haha
so yeah, they were talking about past relationships and preferences. i swear every word that he said found their way to me. was it mere coincidence or was he trying to throw hints like rocks, hoping to hit me? apparently, i got hit, a lot. haha.
i don’t know whether it was intentional or implied, but i felt really giddy inside. i thought the sparks were gone, but no, he rekindled them, yet again. its confusing, perplexing and exciting. 
maybe i'm just over thinking again. i have seen this situation a dozen times and i'm the one who'll get hurt in the process, i always do. its just awkward now. when our eyes met, its like i was trying to tell him something. that feeling when you try to speak, but end up not speaking at all. like an expressive aphasia.
words just get in the way, right?

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