Friday, June 3, 2011

summer's last breath

he was seeing waves and waves of rippling heat on the pavements of this abandoned street. he just dreamed that his summer was uncomplicated. he never thought of love nor hate, he just needed a break.
he started walking alone, upon the edges of solitude and intimacy. he spread out his arms to keep balance, but sometimes he trips and falls. it was unavoidable but he still kept on going. 
a light summer breeze brushed his dark brown hair. he swayed with the wind, looking like a dandelion puff. where he was gonna land, nobody knew, not even him. he let the warm gentle breeze take him away.
he flew through valleys, through beaches, through hills. he was filled with serenity, just like when he was drinking his favorite matcha green tea. but things got too windy as expected and the rain started pouring down in buckets. its the sign that summer was gonna end.
he likes the stormy season as much as summer. it clears the air of the sultry heat and charges it with static electricity.

*im sorry i needed to post something in english. i suck at tagalog posts.