Tuesday, June 7, 2011

mainstream marriages

so when my mom had her phone line approved it included a free supersurf for 5 days. she had been tracking people down from her high school and college in facebook. she also made a twitter account and she now knows how to use tweetdeck. when she saw me posting on tumblr, she wanted to make a tumblog too. woohoo. my mom is getting mainstream now.
then we also had a conference with my uncle from chicago. they were setting me up for a fixed marriage so that i can get my green card. its more practical that way, as my uncle said. they sure are mainstream now, practicality over the romance and bullshit of falling in love. i nodded and they thought i agreed, but in the back of my mind i was sort of killing myself.
i was like "wait what? im only 22 years old and i’m getting married?? no one even likes me, heck who would even like to get married to me."
the problem with my mom being mainstream is that she can monitor my activities online. i don’t mind though, but dear god, do not set me up with random people. i already gave up on dating and shit, i just wanna get a decent job and fill the void. haha.
seriously, i just wanna have a job and not get hitched. i’m already up to my eyeballs with my issues and adding a life partner wouldn’t alleviate the problems.
i may not know what i like, but i know what i don’t. but just in case this shit will get real, i want to sing Marry You by Bruno Mars before i say my vows.


  1. Can I get the girl's contact details tho? Hahaha.

  2. they haven't even found a girl yet. they're really planning to get me married though. they want the girl to pay me 25,000$ so that she can also get a green card. my life is screwed, yes?

  3. Meh, keep me posted. Imma trade places for you. loljk.

  4. I'd say no to this if I were you. I don't like toying with marriage. (yeah, I'm conservative like that)

    Oh and GREY... umayos ka dyan! Lumalandi ka na naman ano? tsktsk

  5. @grey: no, sayang ung 25,000 LOLOLOL. ako na mukang pera.

    @viktor: well, if there's a choice i would definitely say no because im already married to science and research. hahaha.