Thursday, June 30, 2011

that itch

there’s this itch that has been growing on my back. i don’t know whether its an allergic reaction or a skin infection. it’s been really itchy these past few days, although it was barely noticeable before.
i tried to keep scratching on it, i felt relief. soothing that pruritic sensation, i had to keep on scratching and scratching. it’s getting annoying, but i have to scratch it frequently for me to function well.
i had been scratching it for quite some time now. i can see blood stains on my nails sometimes, i even fail pain. even if i had put on some calamine lotion, there’s nothing that can soothe the itch. i have been scratching too deeply, that i had bled copious amounts of blood. i’m starting to lose my color and my vitality. there was nothing positive about scratching my back uncontrollably. 
i had to learn how to stop scratching or else i might die. its only fair that i was already bleeding, a mere remembrance of what i had done in order to relieve that itch.

i stopped scratching, and it feels fucking good. 

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