Monday, May 23, 2011

morning after

The light has started to get into my eyes. My body still feels a bit heavy, hesitant to move with my will. I opened my eyes and started rolling around in bed half naked. You weren't there anymore when i woke up. I sighed for a bit, then that infectious smile ran through my mind. How could i not mimic you after imagining your sweet smile. I wished for a few more minutes that you were still in bed with me. I grabbed my phone and saw a text message that you are already at work. I want to get up but the comfy bed won't just let me leave it yet. My aching body still wants a few more minutes of sleep. Then the alarm went off as scheduled, that means i really need to get up. And i did.

I went straight to the bathroom and ran hot water in the showers. Apparently it was too hot, i jumped out immediately as i went in. I decided to shower with cold water then. The cold water trickling down my back was a treat. It tingles and soothes my tired and aching muscles. Then i remembered how your cold fingers would touch my cheeks and my back. It was every time we hugged that i feel your icy fingers latch on to my back. It feels really nice, making me giddy like a kid. The same way the shower does. I shampooed my hair, scrubbed my skin and turned off the shower. I headed to the sink to brush my teeth. This time there was no mist on the mirror. I brushed my teeth, flossed and gargled as usual. Then i look at the mirror and still see that megawatt smile on my face. Today is nothing special, but i feel like a million dollars.

I got dressed for work, ate a bowl of cereal and grabbed a cup of coffee along the way. I went to work as usual, but with a spring in my step. My shift was over after 8 hours, but it didn't feel like that long to me. I checked my phone and it had 4 missed calls already, they were from you. So i instantly called you to check up on you. You sounded really sleepy that time and if i'm not mistaken, i hear the the TV in the background. You said you couldn't cook dinner, you were too tired. I said ok, i'll try to get something along the way. I grabbed a couple of burgers and a 6 pack of Coors along the road. I arrived at home and i saw you sprawled over the couch. I couldn't help but laugh at the silly sight. I feel bad though, seeing you tired like that. I went closer and pressed my lips onto your forehead to wake you up. You opened your eyes and smiled while i waved the burgers to your face. We slumped on the couch with your head was leaning over my shoulders. We were watching How I Met Your Mother reruns while chomping on Big Mac's and french fries. I opened a couple cans of beer and passed you some. We ended up watching 3 episodes and finished our very healthy dinner. We went upstairs and brushed our teeth, because we have an agreement about our dental hygiene. We did our routine and got ready for bed.

We tucked under the sheets and i propped up some pillows on my nape, getting ready to read the updates on my research project, while you are just watching the late night news. My eyes grew heavy as the night went on. I turned to my right and saw you already dozing off. I turned off the tv and stretched to the left to carefully place my paper on the table and switched the lamp off. I felt your hands rub against my back, making me feel very giddy again. I just turned and kissed you on the lips and murmured words. You smiled, i smiled. You aligned your body next to mine and we both fell into sleep.

Then its morning again, rolling in bed half naked, thinking about what's for dinner later. I just sighed and smiled again.

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