Sunday, May 15, 2011

the day i met the devil

last week, i only wanted to hang out with a few of my friends. we saw him on our way to bubbletea and of course i invited him over. we chatted and laughed over our kiwi slushie and red bean bubble slushie which were both absolutely delicious. we also ate a bowl of pork katsudon and when it was about 11pm we decided to go to tony's to have a drink.

we got there just by walking. we looked for a table where we can fit comfortably and still have a view of the live band. they were singing Yellow by Coldplay when we got there and memories just rushed in. of course i just sang along, not showing how "emo" i am with that song, that would have been pretty embarrassing to wail out to that song. eventually he ordered a tower of "weng weng." it was pink and it tasted like pomelo juice. i thought that it would be harmless, but i was wrong, fatally wrong. we finished 1 tower and ordered another 1. each sip was so addicting, it got me hooked more and more. i drank about 6 glasses and then the alcohol hit me. my brain was working but my body was paralyzed. i know if i get up that chair, i'd crash into the floor. IT WAS THE DEVIL, AND HE WAS PINK. i still drank about 2 glasses more and i was almost out. i was pretty much blabbering in english, the surest sign that i'm drunk. i could remember everything i said that night, i was still sane enough to be tactful and sensible. he had to go before 2am because his parents are looking for him, while we were left there drinking whats left of that dreadfully "traydor" drink.

luckily one of my friends had her fling fetch her and he was kind enough to drop us off at e.rod. we got off and we immediately headed to the sidewalk. we sat down for a while and i turned to the side to puke, gracefully. this was definitely the first time that i got hammered this much. i used to drink til 6am and i can still go home unscathed. maybe my alcohol tolerance decreased alot, or maybe i was just drinking too much in such a short time. luckily he didn't see me rolling in the streets and puking in the gutters.

i have this bad habit of getting drunk at all the wrong circumstances. when i wanna get roaring drunk, i get sober. when i want to be sober, i get hammered. i really need to tone down these self-humiliating scenes if want to show my best foot forward for him. i really like him and i think he knows that. he likes me back, so i guess the devil is not that bad after all.


  1. grabe, that was really my first time puking out of pure "drunken-ness" haha. buti na lang mabait mga kasama ko or else natake out na ko. wahaha

  2. di pa naman ako nasuka, and di ako nasusuka sa hard drinks and cocktails.

    i think beer ang magpapasuka sa akin.

  3. ayoko na kasi ng beer. nakakabloat ng tyan. ugh. :))

    hard drinks are my thing. pero ewan ko, sumobrang bilis ata inom ko that day. ending sa may estero sumuka

  4. I prefer hard drinks over beer too!

    Inuman tayo minsan ;)

  5. ok! but i have to find a job first. wala na kong pera pang gimik or pang inom for that matter. :|

  6. yeah, i lost ALOT of poise. duly noted. thank you! :D