Sunday, May 1, 2011


Another month has ended and I’m still stuck in the same scene. Still struggling to find motivation for my NCLEX exam; I seriously don’t know where and when to start. I wanna get this thing done and over with but I feel like I’m going nowhere. I’m desperately seeking for help but there are some things that I need to resolve on my own, and maybe, this is one of them.
I’ve finished my 25-day review session already, but I’m going to sit-in in the next batches of students. I just want to make sure that I take my test with 1 try only. I’ve been diligently taking down notes and I have been acing the post-tests. A good sign, yes? I still do hope that I will remember those things when I’m taking the real test. I need to fix my application for Chicago firstly though, and then everything will roll smoothly after that.
Yesterday, Pinky and I went out to see the 2AM Grand Concert Tour at Eastwood Open Park. Luckily we got there around 30 minutes before the whole show started. We even got ourselves coffee and tea before JoKwon, JinWoon, SeuLong and ChangMin performed. Pinky bought the Saint ‘O Clock album for the free poster and ticket, but we decided not to go near the stage anymore.  Instead, we just stood outside the barricade and saw the whole thing from afar. It was super fun but super tiring. The fangirls came in throngs and of course our “fandom” had paled in comparison to theirs. We got squished and thrown around like ragdolls, some girl wreaked really bad, our clothes looked like hell after the concert was over. We blame the fangirls for those.
After the whole concert was over, we decided to eat at Fazoli’s; met up with Rhoma and Shey, both fangirls of 2AM too. Afterwards we met up with Ade at Kocco Tomas Morato. The 3 of us chatted for a while and Ade’s friend, Avery catched up on us. Basically, that spontaneous “psuedo-date” turned out really well. Had a lot of laughs and funny stories about our lives and the lives of other people. Then Avery invited us to a karaoke session with MJ, Ada and Faye at Karaoke Republic in Timog. We were walking and this grimey looking kid approached Avery. He was trying to sell flowers but actually he was a pickpocket. He got Avery’s phone which woke us up instantaneously. We tried to look for the kid, but he got on the jeep very quickly like a pro thief. We couldn’t do anything about it and Avery got a bit depressed about the whole incident. He ended up singing a lot, kind of his coping mechanism after losing something valuable. We understood and just let him be, but yeah we enjoyed his performances really well. They were performers and we kinda got insecure about our vocal prowess. LOL. So there, after the 3 hours was over, we all said our goodbyes and headed our separate ways. Another interesting thing happened though; the kid that stole Avery’s phone was trying to do the same manuever on MJ. We recognized him and threatened him to return Avery’s phone. He got defensive of course, kind of like the typical anti-social hoodlum he will turn out to be. I think he got the message to stay away because he did. If there were police around that area he would have been apprehended, but it was 5:00AM that time and most of the people are still asleep. I got home around 6-ish and headed straight to bed.
This all-nighter was one of the needed few breaks from the monotony of my daily life. Tomorrow, I’ll be back to the same wash, rinse and repeat cycle of my life. Wash, rinse and repeat. Wash, rinse and repeat, til fade.
My circle of friends just got wider. I'm now friends with some girls and guys from PETA :)

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