Thursday, May 5, 2011

of Nicotine and Caffeine and Overpriced cab fares.

We rode in the backseat of the cab and snuggled with each other. There was this sense of fatigue and comfort at the same time. He put his head over my shoulder and i can’t stop smiling, i don’t know why. My hands involuntary searched for his. Without us knowing, our fingers were interlaced. I was still smiling even though my eyes were closed.
The lights from the cars seemed inexistent, the noise, muffled. To feel someone so close and so warm was something new. Time was irrelevant, but reality catches up. We arrived our destination and split the cab fare in half, how dreary. We bade our goodbyes and goodnights. I felt my lips pressing unto his and it was pure bliss. Too bad that we are both turning into pumpkins this night. Magical night to say the least, and it includes our inclinations to discuss anime characters and series. How fun!
The last kiss tasted like Marlboro’s and cinnamon-flavored coffee. It also has that taste of intrigue and excitement. I’m constantly trying to blur out the details, but i can’t help it, im addicted to your lips laced with nicotine and caffeine.