Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dirty Dishes and De-constructed Dreams

earlier i was performing my duties as the Dish Washer. of course, it was piles and piles of dirty plates, cutleries, glasses, pots and pans which i have to manually wash. i’m not complaining though, because i know its my duty and avoiding my chore would mean that i’m trying to get away from responsibility.
to make this entry sensible, i have given up on my dream just to tend to my responsibilities as the eldest child in our family. i wanted to become a doctor, but because of financial constraints, i can’t be a doctor anymore. i know its sad, but i don’t have a choice. and being the eldest, even if its against my will, i have to support my sisters. there’s no way i can run away from that, i’m not a selfish kid anymore. maybe i’m maturing, but it doesn’t feel right to me. why am i the one who always compromises or compensates for the lack of what my parents can provide? im still a kid, i’m not even prepared to take on that whale of a responsibility. but i guess, i just have to. it’s what’s right and what’s moral. 
i was able to finish the dishes, will i be able to still live for my dream? i don’t even care anymore. i lost hope, but then again, i toughed it all out. i’ll just have to bear with it, i know someday, karma will smile upon me. and hopefully i will not smell like dirty dishwater when that time comes. 


  1. you're still young. If you play your cards right you still might get that dream of yours.

  2. Sometimes we have to go through winding paths to get to our dreams.

    BMW ko ha? :P

  3. @viktor: i guess. but i am not getting any younger.

    @grey: user. wahaha. :D