Saturday, May 7, 2011

playing puzzles

the point where you don’t want to stagnate nor rush things. the point where everything is as exciting as the first time. the point where everything is laid back and relaxed, nothing too serious and nothing too complicated yet. i don’t usually thrive with uncertainty, but i think this not the circumstance to be so cautious. the water is fine, as to what they say. i’m not gonna dive head first, but still, there’s nothing wrong with living a little.
i’m not expecting, not even hoping. eventually things will fall into place, like our puzzle that we are slowly completing. the fun part is not the whole thing completed; but being with you enjoying the time spent together, looking silly trying to figure out which piece goes where, having fun and maybe falling in love(?) yes, there’s progress, but no rush, no pressure. i just want to play these puzzles with you.

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