Saturday, April 2, 2011


i went to a go-see earlier. it was for an event with L’oreal. they were supposed to get 6 male models at least 5’10” in height(i am freaking 5’11” so i am quite qualified.) i got to the venue, signed up at the registry, and sat and waited for 2 hours. the event organizers, the stylists and the hairstylists all went out, after quite some time and said that they weren’t expecting anymore male models to come and have a go-see. the head designer actually hired models from PMAP already, so apparently there was no need for us to be there anymore.
you know that feeling that you made an effort to look extra good and wait patiently in line just to get booked for a project and then they just tell you that they’ve already hired someone. crap, right? well there, another opportunity gone.
it’s hard being a newbie to everything, but i give everything my best shot. i want to excel in whatever stuff that i do, but there are just these situations that make me want to give up on everything. i don’t take rejection pretty well, because i know i’ve worked hard on it, but yeah, who cares. there are alot of things for me to focus on, and modeling is not one of them. deep inside, i yearn for it, but for practicality’s sake, i should give up.
anywho, there are still more opportunities to come(i hope!!!) i’ll just keep on doing what i’m doing and be on my way. 
*i cheated today. i ate alot of pasta and buko pandan, just to cajole me out of my misery. teehee. must not get fat, or else no more modeling shiznits.