Thursday, March 31, 2011

setting limits

there are things that people should understand, and that is everything has limits.

limits provide security and safety. it was never meant to be surpassed or broken, everything beyond it is hazardous. that would be absurd, contradicting the logic itself.

i forgot my limits for a while, ended up with a couple of nicks and bruises and a necrotic heart valve. i've had enough, i've learned the hard way, cause i'm stubborn just like that.

anyways, time to shrug off everything. time to wake up with brand new eyes and a perfectly ironed bowtie.


  1. Sigh... i just got reminded of my own limits the other day. Or the sacrifices I had to make, rather.

    I like reading your entries.

  2. wow thanks!!! ahaha, just blogging from experience... :)