Thursday, March 17, 2011

deep river

Two mirrors faced one other,
with a sound they reflected the other.

When I meet someone who looks just like me,
I think i'll make that sound.

Both children and adults,
like seeing themselves in the mirror.

Entranced by one's own reflection,
if you forget that it's a mirror,
the silent space will overwhelm you.

And you'll remember the emptiness.

I'm a mirror.

I will not stretch out my hand to those who are stuck,
in places the light never shines.

Instead I'll try to stay with them,
then we'll see the same view.

I know that if you can empathize with someone's pain,
then the pain can turn into something good.

The sadness doesn't go away, nor does the world change.

But seeing the world within me turned upside down,
was most certainly a new sight.

Everyone is looking for someone who looks like them.

No matter how much you hate yourself,
you can love someone who looks like you.

There is no love in admiration nor adoration.


The thing people will love the most in their life,
is the person who resembles them the most in the world.

Their child.

I am a child.

I believe I am on the right path,
so anything I cast aside or abandoned on the way,
I don't think of as sacrifices.

The sky closes its eyes.


  1. This is the poem in Utada Hikaru's video for her song Deep River. Those words were uttered just before the actual song starts. :-)

  2. yeah. i really loved this poem. i had to screen cap everything. haha. :D