Wednesday, March 9, 2011


…more of a friendship, less of a relationship…
honestly, does this even exist? kailangan ba hindi seryosohan? well, i don’t know about you, but i don’t like this idea at all. wanna know why?
i’m a jealous type of person. not physically but emotionally. hindi kita kailangan na nandyan parati, pero if i call you out, you should be there. but i guess you’ll never understand. we didn’t set the rules of our “flirtationship”
i want something concrete, not fluid. the sense of security eases my heart that i know you’ll be there. whoever created flirtationship should get killed or shot at.
and remember this, i’m the guy who can speak in italics. you’ll never find someone like me.
*mogu mogu!


  1. we always want something stable to back us up whenever we naman ang importante sa relationship. If it is not based on trust, mahirap yun...

  2. well it was my fault, i never voiced out my limits. ending, ako lang ang tangang nagaantay sa wala.

    just keep swimming :)

  3. nope. bakit naman ako magkakaroon ng bago? i just changed my url and title. nothing grand.

  4. I mean bagong kinahuhumalingan. Haha.

  5. nope. i gave up liking people. sayang no?