Sunday, March 13, 2011

browned and dog-eared love

i really love reading books and buying them is a kind of therapy for me. i love discovering new titles and authors. i was with my mom last Friday at a local mall. i immediately gravitated to the book sale, hoping to get a copy of Veronika Decides To Die by Paulo Coelho or Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. apparently, they only sell those books that haven't hit the bestseller status from their main store. we purchased a couple of books and decided to head home.

i immediately rummaged my old cabinet/library/bookshelf. i found out that there are a couple of my books that have been neglected due to my unbelievable schedules. Hope For The Flowers, The Tao Of Pooh, Sophie's World, Harry Potter series, Lord Of The Ring series, Alice In Wonderland, The Art Of War... the list could go on and on, but they were worn out and battered. even before the internet was a hit, i was reading those beloved books, some of which aren't even mine. i actually believe that they were my friends... but i forgot all about them. especially when they were the one's who kept me in check while growing up in a not so functional home.

i felt bad for being a terrible bookkeeper. how could i have forgotten my friends. they are now dilapidated and forlorn. my grandma could scold me if ever she sees the state of the books that she gave me before. being an OC that i am, i decided to dust them and keep them safe. i think i should let my nursing books start collecting dust instead of my "prized" possessions. (no offense to my nursing books, i love them too, but geez, i've been reading them for 4 years)

i think i'll give away some of my books too, they couldn't all fit inside the bookshelf anymore. too bad my sisters didn't inherit my grandma's and my mom's love for books. it's kinda sad seeing how my books are browned and dog-eared now, but it shows my love for books. call it signs of aging(?) and crap it would also show how much i aged/changed over the years.

p.s.: currently re-reading The Wind In The Willows. how i love my childhood!!! <3

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