Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i gave up, finally.

i wanted it to be quick and painless, but there’s no such thing as painless, right? so there, i wanted to talk to “platonic” and talk about what i was feeling these past few days. we got to talk eventually, but then i ended the conversation with:
“Can we not speak anymore? I got tired of waiting, and i felt neglected. Was this all a joke to you? Congratulations, you got me. You got me so bad that I almost died.”
so there, i’m off the hook. quick and painless, but not really. a joke it was, and a joke it will always be. i guess i just fell off the wrong cliff, and survived miraculously. oh well, i may have been living on this earth for 22 years, but i still have to learn a lot. such a painful way to learn isn’t it?
anyways, im on my wits end again, this time devoid of love and affection. thank you for painting my life with the palette of chaos. Saranghaeyo, jeongmal.


  1. for me it is never painless. *hugs*

  2. it was kinda stupid when i thought that it'll be painless. pero, there its done. one less thorn to worry about.

    hay buhay, masyado talaga akong mabait :(

  3. im actually drowning myself with work and stuff just to distract myself. its a process and well i do hope it finishes. ayokong mastuck sa Grievance process. LOL