Friday, April 15, 2011

halcyonic days

this next couple of days will be much stress free, i hope. i need to take a break from studying for a bit so that i can make sure i won't die while i'm taking my exam. i might not be active in any of my blogs, although i'm very much active on twitter and facebook. LMAO!

i'll try my best to not be distracted anymore, and if that means that i have to stop blogging incessantly, then *poof!* no more nikki. i'll try my best not to have "cardiac" problems for now, but who knows. i bet no one knows what singelringen is, and yes, i'm wearing one right now. tee hee.

one of my biggest fears is opening up to random people, where they can judge me and i've got nowhere to hide. its my safety blanket, but i'll take my best friend's advice to not be myself, even just for a day, and maybe i can see things in a new perspective. i am terrified of getting hurt(again) but i need to get over this really soon. i'm repulsive, i know... *slash wrist*

but yeah, things are looking much brighter now, because my review classes are gonna be over soon. wish me luck!

"the dog days are over, the dog days are done. the horses are coming, so you better run!"


  1. you got a singleringen? i didn't know those were still available. is it still around a thousand bucks? I simply tied a lace on my ring finger. A black lace.

    Goodluck on your exams :)

  2. its still expensive. haha. pero yeah, im wearing it.

    thanks! i hope i can ace my exams!