Tuesday, April 19, 2011

night life

hot and sweaty, smelling like cigarettes but we’re not even smokers. that addictive high from epinephrine and endorphin. that heart-pounding, eardrum-breaking music. i almost forgot how it’s like when we party out all-night.
we get our bottles from the bar and immediately head on the dance floor. we push the other people aside and find our best spot. we start dancing crazily and we sway to the beat of the DJ. we throw our caution to the wind, letting go of every inhibition. dancing, gyrating, turning, pouting, grinding. we’re always careful about not spilling our drinks though. we don’t even care about people staring at us. it’s just us, the dance floor, the music and the booze.

the music never stopped, and so was our night. we grew tired and headed out for some air. that’s when we felt our knees and back really sore. signs of aging maybe? but yeah, we were getting old for this. the people that were dancing beside us, they were mere fetuses in comparison to us. its amazing how the kids these days are practically adults, but not entirely. we just enjoyed the night life a little late, while they are enjoying it as much as they can.
we got hungry after all that partying and raving, so we decided to pig out in McDonald’s. nothing beats a cheeseburger, a large box of fries and a big cup of diet coke. then we realized, maybe we are a bit too old for this scene. we have our ambitions yes, but we needed to unwind a bit. i guess it never hurts to indulge sometimes, but we do know we have responsibilities to attend to.
im craving for that high, im lusting for that inebriated feeling. maybe next week, i’ll do it again. wanna join?
*photo courtsesy of continuitylabs.com

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