Saturday, February 12, 2011

only fools rush in

There’s always this part of me that tries to believe that love is magical. Well, for the first few months of a relationship, yes there’s a lot of magic. But what would happen if that magical feeling disappeared? We were enchanted by this notion that love is always magical, including me. But yeah in reality, there’s always pain when there is love.

“The head is above the heart for a reason.”

Sure it is, but its not the brain that is falling in love. It’s the heart that makes you want to do those stupid things. Sometimes you can’t help but do it. If you are somehow able to inhibit all those craziness then i salute you. I’ve never seen anyone not go crazy when they’re in love. We think that is only normal to go crazy when we are in-love. But if you think closely, if the relationship fails, you’d be left with nothing, not even your dignity. So yeah, only fools rush in.

Then again, if you dont let your defenses down, no one would be able to come in. We are in such predicament to as whether to fall head over heels or keep your shields up. It’s also this situation where we get tired of waiting for someone who can sweep us of our feet. And that long wait can also lead to your downfall.

Love is complicated, i’m not gonna deny that. I myself wish that it would be as simple as ABC’s too. But from what i observed and learned from every movie, from every failed relationship, from my friend’s anguish, is that love always goes with pain. If only people would realize that and not believe that love is all sparks and cuddles, then maybe it will get less complicated. Sadly, people only accept the benefits of love, and in the end they’re the ones who become bitter suicidal ex-es.

Only fools rush in is still true. And hopefully, i’m not gonna be one. I’ll do my best to apply my theories and concepts on this four letter word that makes everyone cray-cray, hopefully. :)

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