Sunday, February 20, 2011

i paint my world with the color of chaos

there i was again, staring blankly into the dark sky. i wanted to reach for it but i decided not to anymore. i realized that maybe not all things are meant to be grasped for. there’s this innate feeling of reaching for something but in actuality, in the back of our minds, we all know that we will not ever get that something.
i gave up searching because i learned that if you try to search, you’ll just end up hurt and tired from it. if things are meant to come your way, then they will.
patience goes a long way, which i’m apparently running short of too.
in the end i gave up searching and reaching, too much drama and emotions. i bottled my dreams up and threw it to the sea, never to be found again. i succumbed to the infinite cycle of chaos and dispute over material things. i’ll lose my individuality just for the sake of practicality, because that is what i feel politically correct right now.
i’m throwing my dreams away because of the greater good it will do. i might not achieve what i wanted but at least i know i’ve contributed something in this world, eventhough its not i’ve planned for. it’s sad and bleak, but who cares. i’ve given up on myself so what’s the use of fending for me. i’m not scared of the future anymore, nothing will amaze me anymore. i’m still keeping my faith but my hopes are all dried up like prunes now.
i bit my tongue while chewing on a Christmas Candy Cane. FML

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