Saturday, February 12, 2011

no strings attached eh? this is not a chocolate-covered and caramel-filled rants of affection, in fact its timely and relevant

i’ve been hearing this line being overused lately. no strings attached this, no strings attached that. how could you ever get into a relationship if you’re not gonna get attached? the word “relation” can be synonymous to “connect.” “connected” can be synonymous to “attached.” the logic is so simple that even 1st graders can comprehend it. why would be anyone be so afraid of getting attached to a person?
afraid of the end? wow, people must be really eager to see things through the end. in fact they’re to obsessed to see the end that they forgot to see the beginning and the middle; and those 2 parts are the most fun and exciting of the whole experience.
afraid of getting hurt you say? sheesh, that’s the actual point of love. love can be sweet and bitter at the same time. that’s just how it is. the whole point of being human is to feel love and to feel hurt. why do people avoid the hurt part? in my opinion that would just be plain selfish and inconsiderate. 2 people in love can get hurt at same time, its just that one will get hurt more than the other because one loved more than the other. its always been that way. “law of equivalent exchange.” you only get as much as give.
i don’t understand why people use such lame tactics just to avoid agony. and since its February i can safely assume some people are gonna go wacko with the candies and chocolates and the whole shebang but before you do, would you be ready to get swept off of your feet? would you still go unattached and pathetic? honestly, the fools are the ones who don’t understand the whole concept of love and hurt thing. everything must be a learning process for them, i think. in which i think i need to learn myself too. learning is fun, you just have to enjoy it.
and then i glomped all my taro pies and a tall glass of milk <3
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