Thursday, February 10, 2011

if only i could be braver

"i want to tell you that i get jealous over petty things.
i wanna tell you how much i miss you when you go into your full battle gear for school.
i wanna say "i love you" but i cant, cause i'm too afraid to scare you away. 
i wanna hug you when you feel blue, but apparently i'm too skinny to do that now.
i wanna see you smile at me whenever i talk
i wanna hear you laugh at my jokes, until you fart
i wanna share your burdens, if you think you've had enough
i wanna hold your hand and tell you "we're gonna be ok," but i can't"

i wanna do all these stuff, but there's something holding me back.

i just wanna feel that you're feeling the same way too. i wanna feel that you'll fight for this. i wish i could tell you that also but i'm too ashamed to say it to your face. i know i'm feeling something greater than sparks now, but i don't know how to express that to you without you clinching or fleeing. i'll still wait until you decide, on what grounds are we standing on right now. i'm ready to be what you want me to be, just tell me that you'll do the same for me.

"the more that i wish for my happiness, the more selfish i become" - Utada Hikaru (Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro)

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