Saturday, October 22, 2011

Karaoke Nights

"why don’t you love me, the way i loved you? it feels so crazy, cause i dunno what i did to you. if you’re gonna hurt me, then do it quickly ‘cause i’m tired of crying and if you don’t wanna stick around then baby forget about me."

I've been shuffling my iPod and i stumbled upon Little Bit's Forget About Me.

It has been quite a while since I've felt relevance to a song, too much emo runs in my blood. I remember singing Adele's songs in a karaoke bar and breaking down in tears. Of course, I had to weep covertly. LOL.

Anyways, I really like singing. I was practicing Utada's Heart Station so I could upload a cover. Maybe I will someday if given the chance.

I miss going to my choir to practice belting out notes. Will someone take me out to a Karaoke Bar nearby? haha.

And don't worry, I'll sing Lady Gaga's Edge Of Glory. No emoshit right there.


  1. Just shout your heart out. :)

  2. Talented man. Lucky you, you can sing. I can speak to big crowd and serve as a master of ceromony but I can't sing I dunno why! Teach me how to sing. Hahaha

    Anyway Inong Here your new follower. Keepsafe! :)

  3. haha. i used to sing in a choir, i guess that's why i can carry a tune or two., haha.