Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sorry for Party Rocking

So far, the zombie apocalypse dreams aren’t quite out of my system yet. I just had another dream that I had fallen into a basement filled with zombies, I only had a flashlight for a weapon. I got punched, scratched, kicked, and bitten by zombies. I was fighting for dear life and somehow, someone managed to pull me up and fight zombies with me. I looked up at him and he was wielding a chainsaw. He pulled me up and gave me a crowbar. We ran until we got out of the pit and to our dismay, hordes of zombies still mindlessly roam the streets of Makati, then I woke up. Don’t ask why my dream was in Makati or who the guy was, I can’t remember all the details anymore, heck, I don’t even know why I keep on dreaming the dreaded zombie apocalypse.

I really don’t know… Was it The Interstitial who was supposed to save me?

I’ll just have to keep on dreaming these macabre dreams to find out the conclusion of my wild and vivid re-creation of Left4Dead in my mind.

And again, what’s funny is, the whole background music of that dream was Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. I was severing heads, dismembering limbs and impaling zombies while party rocking and shuffling. What the hell is wrong with me…?

p.s.: i'm sick... been sleeping the whole day. i should be heading back to District 7, I have a fight to attend to. (The Hunger Games)


  1. If only I could bring you here next week- were having our annual zombie walk where people dress up as zombies and walk around the city- and the survival run after, where zombies are running after people for charity- and yes, all of the money from these two events will go to a brain cancer charity.

    About the zombie dreams, I remember getting them too when I played too much L4D.

  2. Ayos OST ah! ahehehehe. Get well friend!

  3. @herbs: OH WOW! I wish i could be there! I'm currently obsessed with killing zombies! hahaha!

    @nate: why the sad face?

    @ron: haha. party rock anthem talaga eh no? :P