Thursday, October 13, 2011

Confessions of a Broke Domesticated Socialite

It’s less than a month before I turn 23. Crap.
So where do I begin with this post? Hmm… I can’t even write a decent post these past few weeks. I’ve been totally busy with work and hanging out with The Interstitial.
I also had to go through DFA’s hellish process of renewing my passport. Well technically it was fast, but the tellers had gone to lunch…which was about 1 hour long, so we had to wait outside for at least 2 hours because according to the security guard, I was about 398th in line and there were only 5 tellers processing the whole queue of applicants.  Just so you know, there was 1392 applicants that day and each of us had the so called “appointment time.” Geez!!!
What’s good though is that I was able to calmly accomplish it without making a scene or having a bitch fit. (guys can have bitch fits too, y’know)
I also am broke. Even if I work my ass off day and night, it’s not enough. I’m planning to apply for a post-paid line. I’m also planning to buy a new phone, an iPad, and save up for my NCLEX application. The current job I have right now would at least take me a year to even save up for my NCLEX, how much more for all the things I wanna buy for myself?
I thought that I would be able to cut down costs just by eating bread during lunch, but no, I end up going to the grocery and buy tons of food just for 1 shift. (Pig out much…? dear god, please do not let me gain weight!)
I need to find work that would at least give me around let’s say about 20k per month? I think I could definitely have a new phone and process my papers for my NCLEX in about 4 months. Good luck with me if I can find a nursing job that pays out that well.
What’s weird is that I can always hear Tim Gunn saying to me: “Keep on doing what you are doing and make it work!”
It must be that I’m watching too much Project Runway or I’m just hallucinating.
On a lighter note: I booked two jobs... the first one is a hosting stint, the other one is for a mall tour with Daiana Meneses. *slow claps*


  1. Goodluck sa plan mo for NCLEX! yung akin nag exire na. ahahaha. And gratulere for your two booked jobs! galeng galeng!

  2. good for you!! good luck with the "rakets"!! :)

  3. @ron: hahaha. i need to practice my walk though. dapat fierce.

    @nate: naman, why would you ever doubt me? i mean c'mon?! i'm the jack of all trades. :))

  4. @린코: ikaw na!! ikaw na at wala ng iba pa!! --- i'm the jack of all trades