Monday, October 3, 2011


Here we go again...

I'm back to my old groove. Quite, a fast recovery yes? 

Not really. I've been having these weird and grotesque dreams that I just wanna write about. It's like I'm in a game where I'm the hero and everyone else is a freaking zombie... the so called "zombie apocalypse."

Why do I keep having these dreams, I am also not certain of. I just know that I have to keep on living and surviving those dreaded hordes of walking undead. Basic animal instinct. Trying to fend them off with just knives, guns, and anything else that could potentially render those bitches dead immobile for good (well, because they're already dead, there's no way they could die multiple times unless they're Botcha).

Yes, I know I'm weird. You don't have to tell me.

In other news: yes, I have been very busy working my ass off day and night, 12 hours per shift, about 4-5 soiled adult diapers and 500 pesos.

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