Monday, October 17, 2011

Pixelated Gravity

me and my fucked up circadian rhythm keeps me awake in the most awkward hours of the day. heck i even played emulators for PlayStation and Game Boy just to keep me entertained. ugh.
i played FF Tactics, Chrono Cross, Legends of Legaia, Suikoden I and II. yes, yes i know i'm a geek.
and now this is me being all emo and shit.
i'm totally bipolar aren't i?
anyways, i'm feeling like such a retard for geeking out again so i decided to write something.
been a long road to follow,
been there and gone tomorrow
without saying goodbye to yesterday.
are the memories i hold, still valid?
or have the tears, deluded them
maybe this time tomorrow,
the rain will cease to follow
and the mist will fade into one more today.
something, somewhere out there keeps calling.
am i going home?
will i hear someone sing me solace to the silent moon
zero gravity,
what’s it like?
am i alone?
is somebody there beyond these heavy aching feet?
still the road keeps on telling me to go on
something is pulling me
i feel the gravity of it all. 


  1. awww, sira ang pattern ng 2log m? tsk tsk mahirap yan.... and yes ikaw na ang emo! ur poem (poem nga ba to?) is really nice. :D oist yung Shamcey gown, seryoso ko dun. chot! ahahaha.

  2. @ron: haha. wait ako'y naghahanap pa ng Kermit Tesoro shoes para Lady Gaga peg na.