Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Interstitial spotted Stars

Yesterday, I went out with The Interstitial. We went to a local amusement park because he had free passes from his work. We got there around 12 noon and it was raining, so some of the rides weren’t available for the public. Boo. The whole point of going to an amusement park was the exhilarating rides, so yeah, we were kinda bummed out about that. We had a very late lunch around 2pm and decided to find a cozy coffee shop. 

We ended up at Starbucks (cliché) because it was the only cozy coffee shop near the vicinity.
He got his White Mocha Latte; I got my Café Americano with an extra shot of Brevé. I like to memorize people’s coffee orders, especially His. I wish he would too.

So after a lazy coffee break by the bay, we decided to head back to our turf. I just realized how much it sucks when both of us didn’t own a car, because instead of spending time with The Interstitial, I get stressed out by the traffic. Bah.

We played DoTA all over again, victorious as always. I’m pretty sure that someday, we might be joining those elite gaming leagues. LOL.


  1. What is breve? I usually get my americano with white mocha. nakakacurious naman.

  2. @citybuoy: its like an extra shot of half and half lang.