Friday, September 9, 2011

while he sleeps...

While he sleeps,
I am awake.
Checking on him every hour,
observing and anticipating his needs.

While he sleeps,
I get frantic at his:
every cough, every gag,
every shiver, every spasm.

While he sleeps,
I prepare, cook and process his food
I check, clean and dry his perineum
I turn and massage him on a bi-hourly basis

While he sleeps,
I bathe and shampoo his hair,
careful enough to not wet his bed,
careful enough not to startle him.

While he sleeps,
I toil through the night,
I monitor his Vital Signs
I sigh of relief

While he sleeps,
I couldn't even get a wink
I seldom eat
I sweat and ache.

While he sleeps,
I gently walk away
Bidding goodbye
Hoping for his recovery.

*picture of Makoy, the patient's dog. i just wanted to upload his cuteness on my blog.

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