Sunday, September 4, 2011


Children’s laughter echoes,

everywhere across the skies.
Laying beside you, I can see the
crooked lines of the buildings around us.

As sunlight pours through the cracks in the clouds,
we take cover before it blinds us.

I close my eyes to hide away from the commotion,
and as I place my hand on your chest,
I can feel your heart beating.
Let me be by your side.

Alas, the two of us
will eventually leave this world behind.
But our feelings will keep us together like this.

In order to fill my heart,
I will need to hear that sound over and over again.
So I entrust the throbbing sound to my body,
as you softly wrap around me.

The rain won’t stop,
making me long for your smile.
When I turn off the lights,
the city lights shine like little stars falling from the sky.

As the whirl of lights intertwine,
I can see the future in a dream.

I need you to take my hand,
so I can transfer my wishes to you.
Let me be by your side.

Alas, we have to get through
many lonely nights in this world.
But our feelings will keep us together like this.

I touched deep within
your heart to confirm your love.
I can feel your skin tremble with your heart beat,
as I softly wrap myself around you.

One day I’ll see the end of this dream,
even if there’s no sunlight to wake me up.
Then when the sad rain pours down,
our two shadows meld into one,
because I’m by your side

I run out of breath,
when our hearts melt together.
Two hearts beating to the same rhythm,
as we softly wrap around each other.


  1. such a lovely poem! awesome..


  2. haha. salamat. fan na fan ka. haha. THANK YOU!!!