Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Of Gastric Gavages and Dirty Adult Diapers

Ang drama ko sa bayang to’y isang mabuting nanay ng isang alagang mas matanda pa sa tatay ko… Mabuti nalang kami’y magkasundo, sinusubuan ng hapunan, kapag dumumi pinupunasan… Nako nako nako… ano bang nangyari dito… -Chelsea
i just realized, im cleaning up diapers of people i don’t even have blood relations to.

it feels weird when i got asked: “pano yan, taga-punas ka na ng pwet ng matanda pero sarili mong kapamilya hindi mo man lang maalagaan?

those words hurt.

do they even fucking know how much how hard it is for me to even take this job?

i am getting judged for being what i am. i don’t even know why is it always me. all i know for now is that im tired, stressed and i’m happy being employed to a very nice family.

parang naalala ko bigla ‘yung scene sa Care Divas.

I'm not just working because of the money. I get attached to my patient and the patient's relatives. Their problems become my problems too because they've got no one else to turn to. It is my passion and drive to care for people, even if its physically and emotionally draining, cause that's just me.

"nako, nako, nako! ano bang nangyari dito?!"


  1. aww.. :/ some people just don't get it.. that's why they're judgmental..

    there's passion, there's heart, there's care in what you do.. and that makes all the difference.. cheer up, mr. green tea! you're doin' a great job! :)

  2. @nate: thank you mr. coffee. some people just don't understand how hard it is to be a care giver or a nurse. oh well, at least im having fun with my patient.