Friday, September 16, 2011


And we decided to meet up at our usual coffee shop. He gave me a decadent cupcake, a moist chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate frosting with a rosette of  chocolate fondant. Orgasmic!!! He knows how to make me swoon over food, whether be it a full meal or just desserts. Pun intended.

I ordered an iced mocha which I shared with him. It sounds really corny and shit, but then its those little things that matter. Of course we got "high" after that super sweet treat. I asked him to play DoTA with me afterwards. Yes, I know.. I'm a geek. I chose Crystal Maiden at first, he chose Bone Fletcher. We won of course... But next round, we were dismal, I fail with with Netherdrake. I died a lot, in turn we lost... So I thought, we had to make a comeback and redeem ourselves. It was serious business the 3rd round. I chose my best hero, Enchantress, and did my unique item build with her. I, apparently was the top hero killer that round. LOL, yes this post is getting too geeky.

Anyways, after 3 rounds of straight on geeking out and cursing those damned AI's we decided to spend the night together. Details are not to be expounded because I still believe in the saying that: "What happens in the Boudoir, should stay in the Boudoir."

All I can say is that, I seem to have found my Le Chevalier de Mirval. I learned things that I can do. Yes... I am Eugenie. LOL.

I am currently basking in our afterglow. This post seems senseless but who cares.


  1. Oh my. How utterly scandalous! So you are impressionable Eugenie? I hope your Chevalier did not indoctrinate you into the debauchery of incest. But hey, that's part of life. We have to go through this "education" sometime.

  2. @juan: well only those who have read La Philosophie can relate. haha. but no, it didn't go the point of incest. but OMG. I WAS LIBERATED AND I ENJOYED EVERY MOMENT OF IT. :)