Monday, September 12, 2011



he left without saying goodbye as his eyes were filled with tears. never looking back, chin held up high and holding the words in. his heart was swelling and fibrillating, he just didn’t want him to see it.
there’s not much that we can do then… at least we can still be friends this way.” a voice from the distance shouted.
i hope so too. may we not cross paths in the future…” he gingerly whispered.
all he heard were his footsteps. they were loud, overpowering the sound of a breaking heart.
he walked away, as always.
he was waiting in a corner of a coffee shop, enjoying his demitasse. he was humming with the Bossa Nova  playing at the back of his mind while casually tapping his feet.


  1. awww...

    "may we not cross paths in the future"

    i dunno whats with this line but it left a gleam in my heart that ensuingly changed twinge..

    nice post 'though. :)

  2. @yamyam: thank you for religiously reading my posts! i might actually have a fan now. haha! :)