Thursday, September 1, 2011

mishaps and misfits

i believe that all of us are misfits. everyone searching for a niche, searching for company, searching for people who resembles us in some way. to me, i found my niche on my blogs, whether on blogspot or tumblr. i found people who turned out to be more than just non-de-plumes online, i treat them now as friends.

there has been quite a misunderstanding these past few days. words were thrown around like stones, bouncing and rebounding and hitting people on their tummies and heads. they hurt and people got bruised. they hit vulnerable spots and it wasn't pretty at all.

i'm not gonna post all the details anymore, there are also things that i want to keep to myself and to the parties involved.

why am i writing this though? because i want to set things straight. i know that things might not just go back to where it was before, i'm not trying to make things reset themselves.

i want to apologize for whatever mishap that happened. whatever that was and whatever it is, i'd be the one to personally say sorry. even if i know i'm not all to blame for, it's just me being the scapegoat for everyone. i'd rather take all the beating than let you guys get hurt, that's just how i roll.

i want the hostility to end, i want this silly conflict to end. i know all of us are very mature individuals, we know how to handle things and we all know were better than this. right?

anyways, if you're reading this, you know who you are. if you wanna talk about, i'm all ears, you pretty much know that.

on a lighter note, i'm going for an interview and training on sunday. YAY ME! Private Duty Nursing, here i come! :)

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  1. i admire you for your ultimate courage of your conviction and for taking all the beating than letting them get hurt.

    goodluck for your interview

    tc always