Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Midnight Circus

i've been to different night clubs before, but this one is different. there are no girls in sight except for my friend. then it struck me that this was a gay night club. i wanted to kill them right then and there but they paid for my entrance so it would be rude to storm off. i was with my friends anyways, they'll take care of me, i hoped.

i never thought that this circus is such a bore. flirting with danger and filled with mystery, the people are quite exotic for my taste. these people are very quick, they can sense if you are new and they'll pounce. luckily, i've got friends that shield me from them. the smell of cigarettes wafting through the air, propelled by the air conditioning unit, is not pleasant at all. the floor is sticky and covered with dirt and grime. seeing guys gyrating against each other, waiters getting groped, was it worth the wait to get inside of this hip, savvy, groovy bar? i'm not so sure.

my friends ordered a couple of bottles of beer. that bitter and awful taste is so familiar that it doesn't even make them cringe anymore. we started laughing and telling our "war stories" to each other. my story pales in comparison to theirs that i just stopped talking and just started listening. when the bucket was empty, we headed into the middle of the pulsating mass of people. i see eyes that pierce right through me, i dared not to make any eye contact with them. i wanted to be with my friends and not to give them my number. i can actually blame them because they are the one's who took me to this circus. the lions are pretty much on the lose and i happen to be the piece of meat that they have been sniffing around. i needed to get out alive.

and then the music kicked in and i was dancing my heart out. i don't care if they hate me or they'd want to fuck me, i was there to dance and enjoy my night. a lonely kid yearning for love, i found comfort in dancing and booze, even the in simple joy of eating nutella alone.

i found myself dancing to the sad tango alone, yet again. i'm slowly but surely losing my luster, the life of a bum is tarnishing me. i'm pretty sure i'll disappear completely, taken over by the music of the midnight circus. it goes round and round and round, where it stops? nobody knows.

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