Monday, July 25, 2011

hi, i'm chuck *giggles*

remember chuck from the coffee shop? well, i met up with him. this time, it was in a bar. he was with his friend and so was i. he drank a couple of beers i drank my frozen montezuma. things we're going along really well. do i like him? sort of.

he's from UP-D also. he's about 27 years old and he's a graduate of engineering. smart. i get the feeling that i tend to gravitate to people from UP-D. i really don't know, but i attract people from that school and i get attracted to them too.

he's about to take his engineering license this september. i wonder what will happen. he said he fancies me and i do fancy him too. im just not too sure about the age gap thingy. i tend to be a child at different points in my life. it might not be to his liking. we're still getting to know each other. who knows, maybe this time it will be different. i'm not hoping for anything, i just want something real and something uncomplicated. i really think that people find my awkwardness adorable. they tend to treat me like a child. maybe i am and i'm not gonna change that.

subtle changes are happening in my life ever since that epic post. people from tumblr have been asking me out, to think that they're younger than me. oh well, when it rains, it pours, and i'm loving every bit of it.

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