Saturday, July 9, 2011

Care Givers (Care Divas)

Last friday night, i got 2 complimentary tickets for Care Divas, since i have connections to PETA now. So i grabbed one of my friends to go and watch with me. It was my first time seeing a play in PETA theater, i was really excited. We got in a bit late though, we didn't see the grand opening of the play. We sat at the VIP box, of course. Haha.

So yeah, the play was about 5 gay Filipino Caregivers who met and worked in Israel. They're not only caregivers but they sometimes do production numbers and shows in bars and clubs dressed as women. Their group was named as "The Nightingales" because the inspiration was Florence Nightingale. It came to a point where one of their members was laid-off and became an illegal alien, much like a TNT. Anyways, im not gonna write the whole plot of the play since i would be a big spoiler.

So yeah, the whole play revolved about the lives of those guys. Tackled about the whole reason why Pinoys choose to be OFW's and how hard life is when you're a thousand miles away from home. It was hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time. I find it relevant because i'm a nurse and pretty soon i'll be leaving Philippines too. Oh well, i'm pretty much sure that i won't be performing like them nor dress like them. But i find it funny that they are more accepted in Israel than in the Philippines. Tsk.


  1. Apparently, having said that, homophobia is a great issue which must be looked into. The leanings of Filipinos to this racket is more of installing awareness and curiosity rather than interjecting moves against it, just look at the gay population in our country right now.

  2. yeah,it is quite sad. but someday i hope, people will get "empowered" enough to do something about it.