Thursday, August 4, 2011


I kind of miss going to our local ice cream parlor. It would be nice if Nestle didn’t move locations. I really do miss buying a peach melba or a banana split! Hence, I shall write about it to make me forget my longing for some good old ice cream.

Remember when you get inside an ice cream store and your all giddy just to choose from a vast array of flavors of ice cream. “I want this, I want that…” but then you only have enough money for just a scoop of ice cream. It somehow resembles the process of choosing your partner, whether for life or just someone who’ll just fill the space in between.

I think that there’s a significant correlation between choosing your ice cream and being involved in a romantic relationship. They have a common factor: it’s a matter of taste. It just depends on what you feel like having.

Flavor of the Month - these are the flavors that get removed from the menu after a short time. They’re either the experimental flavors or the  hit-and-miss flavors. (Ergo, Ben and Jerry’s flavor graveyard, where they bury old recipes of ice cream flavors.) It’s either because they don’t appeal to the mass or they just aren’t that good to be called Classics. This also applies to people. Some just like to try something new. They’re excited at first, but then they realize that: “Oh, this flavor gets boring really quickly…” It actually hurts to get called the Flavor of the Month, because it means you aren’t substantial enough to be in a long term relationship. You get labeled as Panakip butas lang or a rebound or just a fling. You just aroused them but then, at the end of the day, its still gonna be you and your bed and your pillows at night. You hit-and-missed your mark. The term Takaw-mata also applies. It just means that you just want a taste, but then you’ll never finish the whole thing. No promise of forever, no wedding bells. Tumikim lang. These ‘flavors’ are meant just for those who just haven’t found the ‘right one’ yet.

Classic - these are the favorite flavors and are usually never off from the list. They’re the tested and proven all-time favorites. Flavors like: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pistachio, etc. They’re the one’s you never get tired of. You may get distracted at some point, but you never fail to choose the ones that you’ve already tasted. These are the people who really fell in love, the perfect match, the one’s that will settle down. They are the one’s that get envied upon by everyone. I’d like to believe that everyone has their own specific favorite, a choice where they feel secure. It does get to a point where you’re not satisfied nor dissatisfied, because you’ve been choosing it over and over again. You get complacent and routinely, stagnant even. In some cases, people will really change their preference. Eto yung mga break-ups na nakaka panghinayang. These ‘flavors’ are the ones that are hard to forget, and they are the one’s that created a big impact in your life. It will be a lot different once you’ve changed favorites. (I went from plain vanilla to rainbow-colored bubblegum, if you know what I mean.)

Limited Edition - these are the unique flavors that work in a weird way, like Caramel and Rock Salt. There’s that perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness. It’s also an acquired taste. Eto yung mga lasang babalik-balikan pero hindi madaling hanapin. They cater to specific persons,. Not everybody is thrilled by wasabi flavored ice cream, right? They’re also very life-changing. They are the persons who also create a big impact but in a really profound way. Different doesn’t always mean quirky or weird. Most of the time, they become Flavors of the Month, but in rare cases they become Classics. (Case in point, Nutella and Banana gelato.) You learn from them because they make you interested, even if you get tired of them. It is not a perfect match but in an obscure way, you tend to not be with anyone else but that same person. Enter concept of ‘Soul-mates.’ You guys don’t really jive well, but you find comfort with each other’s company. You guys may not end up together, but you still see each other. It is weird, but it works for some people. (Me.)

Writing about ice cream just made me crave more. Oh well, keep calm and eat ice cream, oh wait, froyo. :)

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