Sunday, July 22, 2012

My (Proposed) List of PUJ Etiquette

For Drivers:

  • Wag sana parahan lahat ng tao sa tabi ng kalsada lalo na’t pag alas sais ng umaga o gabi.If its already rush hour, try to rush. People will fight for their lives just to ride inside one. The concept is to rush to go home or get to work, but Manong Drivers like to dilly dally for their boundary. It defeats the purpose of rush hour. I swear, they’ll get their boundary when its already rush hour. It’s like The Hunger Games’ Cornucopia. 
  • Please, do not smoke while driving. The passengers do not like to have burnt cigarette blown to their faces… especially me. 
  • Try to take a shower before doing your pasada. Nuff’ said.
For Passengers:
  • Girls, please wear a headband or tie your hair in a ponytail. We get that your hair is beautiful, long and soft, but we do not appreciate it smacking our faces or worse, eating it. Kay? 
  • Again, for everyone, please take a bath before you decide to ride a jeep. To put emphasis on that; Construction Workers
  • I think that people with disabilities, elderly and children should ride with someone else to assist them. The wildlife inside the jeep are diverse and some of the passengers are like sloths. They don’t even budge an inch just to let other people sit. 
  • Dear guys-who-think-they-have-big-dicks, please, don’t spread your legs as if you own the damned jeep. Other people like to sit comfortably(like me who is a human giraffe) and a little compromise wouldn’t hurt. Oh woops, your ego got bruised? 
  • Try not to intentionally trip the person going in/getting out of the jeep.Been there, done that. Wa poise tsong
  • Do not put your cellphones on speakerphone. I’m sorry but we’re not interested in hearing your convo’s filled with sexual innuendos. The streets of Metro Manila are filled with all kinds of “denizens” and we do not want to attract the ones wielding knives and guns. And please stop calling Dudung your “bave,” ate
  • I think everyone should say thank you to the person who helped you pass your fare to Manong Driver. Manners people, we still have them. Being in a jeep doesn’t automatically remove your morals now, isn’t it? 
  • If it’s raining, don’t flourish your umbrella like its a sword. Ano, aso lang? Winagayway para mambasa
In any case, this is just a list my observations. These are just of some the things that I hate about riding a PUJ. I know that it looks like a little too snooty, but in other countries, they really have ‘em. And a little breeding and class doesn’t hurt.

Feel free to add more. :))


  1. hahaha . this must be posted on yahoo news special feature... nice job :)

    1. HAHAHA, Y! News? oh my, I don't think this post isn't thorough enough. I can add a lot more.

  2. And people should throw their trash in the trash bin. If none is in sight, keep em in your person. Or Imma make you eat them.

    Also, no spitting please. Nothing is more disgusting than your spit (or worse, phlegm) showering your co-passengers' faces. LMAO.

    1. oh god, don't get me started on the "durara." uck....