Sunday, June 9, 2013

Monorails and Mononucleosis

I finally got my newly calibrated lenses from my friend. I had to travel to Alabang because it's where her clinic is. I just managed to make friends with her while I was on my area assignments. I'm really happy about my new glasses cause it looks so hip and suits my face really well. I paid her for her work and asked for her call card just in case I would know someone who needs a pair of spiffy spectacles.

On my way back to Quezon City, everything was clearer and vivid. I can see faces clearly now. It's like everything is back in HD. I had to take a bus to Magallanes so that I could ride the MRT to Cubao. Bus rides in EDSA are lies from the devil. It would take me at least 1 hour to get to Cubao if I rode a bus from Alabang. I could sleep all the way, but the problem is, I have a long neck and it hurts when I rest my head on the seat. I am a giraffe by the way.

So there, I got to Magallanes really quick. Waited in queue to get my pass. Got into the train.

I always put my head down to avoid being seen. I stand out quite literally. But the problem is, when I bow my head, it gets harder to breathe. The air is humid and smells of humanity. So I extend my neck and close my eyes. The moment I do, I feel judging and scrutinizing eyes turn my way. 

Ah, there it is.

I can never seem to dodge "them" can't I?

SO, I put on my earphones and bob my head to Fall Out Boy's Save Rock and Roll. Spacing out in a very confined space. Then, next come the nudges, the pokes, the swipes. Hmm. Ok. Nothing scary yet.

I keep on pretending that I don't give a fuck and I'm insensitive. At the corner of my eye though, I see two guys making out at the back of the train. They're either ninjas or no one else gives a fuck as well. Ok. Then they caught me gawking at them. I'm like "I didn't see anything, please continue."

Suddenly, they both grinned at me. I died a thousand times inside. I'm in trouble.

I remained calm and quickly took a seat when some lady got off the train at Guadalupe station. Yay! Dangers averted.

I therefore conclude that the MRT is still a volatile niche. It's dangerous and exciting at the same time. I never get bored of the MRT. Except I hate it when I can't even breathe properly or getting my ass grabbed or getting elbowed in the gut. But I can't really complain because it is still one of the most efficient and cheap ways to travel from north to south and vice versa.


  1. never ako nakawitness ng action sa mrt. hm. and yes, i'm quite on the lookout. hah!

    1. hahahaha. nako, it's quite easy to spot them from my point of view. :))))