Saturday, September 22, 2012

When I'm Small

I love being small. Being incognito, you have some margin of error in whatever you do. I fit in places that people can't reach. I can actually reach out and do more when I'm small.


I applied as a Junior Copywriter for a web advertising company. They were surprised that I was a nurse and yet I had the audacity to apply and champion myself for the position. My writing "inexperience" was really the icing to the cake.

 I have been blogging for over 7 years and I already have the feel of having some readership.  I know it's not a lot right now, but it helps. And they were probably surprised that I can write my ass off. So yes, I'm starting small again.

They were also surprised that I did freelance writing for websites as well. I told them how bad the compensation was and their eyes lit up in an instant. Hook, line and sinker? Probably. I'll have to wait for their call on Monday.


After my interview, I went out with a slutty friend in Ortigas. He was telling me how he was sexually depraved and was asking for my help and flirting prowess(?) which apparently, I don't even know I have. He  was actually seeing someone but while they were doing it inside the motel, the guy saw a girl ghost while he was thrusting away(TMI!!!!) and didn't climax. My friend, in turn, didn't get a good oomphing as well. He was disappointed big time. Third Eye (the-guy-that-doesn't-come, figuratively) started to clam up on my Slut Friend after the untoward incident.

Damn it. LOL.

And then I enter the scene.

So we were trying to plan our attack. I had this gay dating app on my phone. He has one too. So what we did was we flaunted my profile. My profile was a killer, I had 5 guys asking for a booty call in a span of 30 minutes after going online. My ego was as big as the Empire State when I got pinged multiple times. Oh dear, I have unleashed something vicious and carnal. My hunting instincts went back and the usual conversation goes like this...

victim: Hey.
me: Yo, whats up pal?
victim: You up for some fun?
me: Yeah sure. I have someone though. Mind if we all get along and play nice? ;)
victim: Teka gwapo ba?
me: Oo. Kasing gwapo ko.
(i ask my friend to send his pics to the victim)
victim: Nyay, panget eh. Hahaha! Kilala ko na yan, hindi ko nga nirereplyan eh. Yaw ko. Kaw na lang. Punta ka dito sa *ksdfhjgsdjfsjdf*
me: Nah nevermind. Thanks.

I turn to my friend and he was fuming.

"Putanginang mga panget yan ayaw magsi-reply, eh mas maganda kutis ko sa kanila eh!!! Kala mo kung sinong gwapo..."

Well, honestly I didn't know what to say. My friend looks like me. He has a very smooth skin, pale and androgynous as me. He has kpop hair as well. He's an inch shorter than me, that makes him like 5'10'' and we really look like twins. He's smart and he knows stuff I don't. He is fucking rich as well. (So if any of you guys wanna "do" him a favor, just let me know. LOL) He is still studying though and he is asking me for help with his thesis.

Then I felt pity for my Slut Friend. We kinda stopped doing our plan after that, cause it backfired. I mean he doesn't have to resort to this kind of debasement. I just advised him that he has to wait for Third Eye. Third Eye promised him a "second wind" sort to speak. So I just told him that he doesn't have to scratch the itch right now and wait for Third Eye to come(no pun intended) around. I told him that: "If it's gonna be Third Eye, then things will happen by themselves. There is hope, hold on to it for a little longer." *insert a long deep sigh*

He is a sweet kid, but yeah, raging whoremones. And he also has a bruised ego. I seem to have taken a young padawan under my wise tutelage.

Oh god...


I don't know but I get through stuff and shit when I'm incognito. That feeling of having no expectations on you makes me feel confident and braver.

And my ego auto-deflates itself. So no need to worry. Little Nikki has no problems with his ego.

I can't publish this on my tumblr since my future bosses will be checking on my blog on a regular basis. I was even proud of my blog. Now I can't be all sweary and informal. Fuckity...


  1. haahha kakaloka mga nagyayari sa kaibigan mo! Third eye? OMG!

    1. ayun, hindi natuloy ang kasukdulan ng lahat dahil sa bwisit na babeng multo na yun. LOL

  2. "raging whoremones." clap/clap/clap

  3. goodluck for ur job in the future ...