Monday, June 25, 2012

How I want to spend my day with you (Honey and Clover style)

Wake up beside you with nothing but my t-shirt and undies on.

You’d always bother me when I’m making our breakfast.

Then we’d end up screwing up breakfast… and maybe more? Hihi.

We’d settle for some bread instead. But you don’t know how mad I am at you.

And we’ll sing some random songs about summers and springs.

We’d go for short trips, and you’d be scared shitless because of my leet driving skills.

And oh, you’d always get so antsy inside the grocery.

But I haven’t told you that you always look dashing with glasses on. Oh my...

Grabbed some tea for me and coffee for you. I’m such a tea person… Bitter.

Because of your constant bickering, we head to the beach.

And then you’d tell me your plans, secrets, apprehensions. Everything.

…and Splash!

I hate you so much for being such an idiot sometimes… but you’re my idiot.

And I just wish we could just do it this day over and over again.

Happy 10th motherfucker.


  1. i really love this post ! hapi 10th month! that's the reason why i really love my prtner because we enjoys each other through good and crazy times!

    1. haha. thanks! congrats to and your partner too! :P

  2. Hahaha ang cute! Naging cartoon!

    At ang sweet mo bumati ha! Brutal! Lol

    Happy monthsary sa inyo :-)