Thursday, March 15, 2012

No, It's Not Okay.

Addressing me as “bakla” in public really isn’t a case with me, but for some, maybe it is. For one, most of us who are gay didn’t choose to be like this. People think as if sexuality and sexual orientation (for a lack of a better word) is optional. It’s not. Mahirap maging bading, teh. Or to put it more accurately, Mahirap tanggapin na maging bading. It’s not like we had the benefit to turn our backs against the “normality” of heterosexuality. It’s not like we had to choose loving our own kind. Technically, there’s a big difference between choosing sexuality and embracing it, otherwise, they’d be with similar spelling in the dictionary. It’s hard being gay since we are caught in between, in between the prejudice of a narrow-minded society and the self, religion and the self, friendship and the self, heck! even there is conflict between the self and the self.

Let me repeat. It’s hard being gay. Don’t regard gay men with such harsh labels so easily when in actuality, admitting it to themselves that they are indeed “bakla” is (or was) hard enough. No. We do not deserve it.

If anyone deserves to call a gay man “bakla”, it’s another fellow gay man. They understand each other’s ordeals and hardships. There is no intent to demoralize or diminish one’s identity in this matter. If ever diminishing an identity was the intention, he’d only be diminishing his own in the process.

Moral? Huwag mong tawagin ang isang bading na “bading” kung ikaw naman mismo e hindi bading! Kasi pre, lumalabas e mas bading ka pa sa bading sa ginagawa mo. Hindi mo kilala ang kabuuan ng katauhan at kwento niya, e kinukutya mo agad. Hindi ba ito katangahan at kaduwagan?

*had to repost from a friend's tumblr.


  1. It's really hard to be gay, even more so the fact that your best friends ostracise you... the statement 'they're not your real friends' is easier said than done though. You guys didn't become besties for nothing. Hay life. Sometimes you wonder, is it them, or is it you?

    1. yeah, well it's just one of the mysteries of life. haha.