Saturday, March 17, 2012

Make up your mind fool!

Sometimes, saying “okay lang” is not so right. It feels lackluster and mediocre. Especially when you give someone choices and they reply “okay lang,” it’s like a big gray zone. You don’t really know what is in their mind and its annoying. What’s more annoying is that they blame you for making their decision for them.

In the English language ‘okay’ is used as an affirmation; in the more colloquial usage of ‘okay’ putting ‘lang’ after it makes it indefinite. Which is fucking annoying. If you use “okay lang” as an answer if you get asked “how are you doing?” then that is forgivable. But when you are given choices, its only answerable by yes or no or pick the one that you want.

It’s annoying!!! Like when I went to McDonald’s with my sister because we were both hungry. There was nothing in the fridge so we decided to go out, I asked her if she wants Jollibee or McDonald’s, she answered “okay lang.” And when I asked my sister if it’s alright with her while I was ordering up already and then she just bluntly answers: I like Jollibee eh.


She could have just told me in the first place. I could have saved time and effort and enjoyed a meal with her at Jollibee. If only she made up her mind before we even got to McDonald’s.

So instead, I didn’t get her anything because she wanted Jollibee in the first place. It’s like teaching her that she needs to assert herself more and just because I get annoyed by how indecisive people get.

And remember, if ever you said “okay” to accept a task or a choice, make sure you stick to it. Don’t ever say “okay” if you’re still unsure, just tell ‘em “I’m not sure or I haven’t made my mind up yet” that way people will know and won’t assume that it’s alright.

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